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Karen Brody

Karen Brody is the author of “Open Her:  Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire!” Karen is an expert for Men in Relationships. She teaches a man how to successfully navigate a woman’s heart and her sexual desires, and how to reveal his innate masculine powers and gifts to magnify attraction, deepen connection and increase sexual intimacy.

Karen’s helped thousands of men unravel women and learn to command the outcomes they most desire in life and in love. Karen admits she didn’t always love men or want to empower them – that her most challenging journey has been about transforming her own pain into love for herself and men. Karen’s ultimate mission is to awaken and empower the masculine in men so that they can meet women full on, and co-create with women in the most amazing of ways.

Tallie Rabin

Tallie Rabin is a master at how to assist you to leave your relationship when it’s the right choice for you, and to open yourself to the greatest possibility in love and loving partnership.

Tallie worked her way through her own very painful divorce, after believing in her heart of hearts that she was married forever. Through that divorce, she discovered a source of strength, compassion and love for herself and her former partner that has become the gift and cornerstone of her work. Her family, including 3 children, continue to directly benefited from her ongoing approach.

Tallie’s background includes her degree in Peace & Conflict Studies and Masters in Adult Education focused on “Creating Peaceful Divorce & Family-Forever Lifestyle.” Tallie has supported thousands of people to transition more deeply into love or through the portal of a peaceful and empowering breakup. She is known for her loving compassion and bold commitment to those she coaches.

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